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About Us

My name is Scott Dunmore and colourmagic Valeting is my business that I started from being a hobby. Detailing my own pride and joy as I used to show it at car shows even winning a few along the way. People would come up to me asking how I got the paint work on my car looking so good and asking if I did it as a job.

It got to a point where I was preparing my friends cars for shows. It was around this time that I lost my job. After failing to find another job a few of my friends suggested I turn my weekend hobby into my new job. So after a lot of thought and wondering if I could make it work I made the jump and started up Colourmagic Valeting I am now covering Leicester and Leicestershire and because I did it as a hobby I really enjoy the work I do. I treat every vehicle as if it was mine. As there is nothing more satisfying than seeing A vehicle on the road looking as good as it can be.


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