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New car Detail

Most new cars travel along way before they get to there new owners. Weather it be by road or rail they are not protected from the elements.

Then when they are at the dealers they get a very basic valet which dose nothing to help the paintwork stay in as new condition.

Dont let the dealer talk you into getting your bodywork protected with there special sealant that lasts year's. This detail will bring your paintwork back to a level that is Showroom standard and protect your new pride and joy.

  • Pre-wash vehicle with ph neutral snow foam.
  • Wash vehicle with a ph neutral wash solution.
  • clean wheels with non-acid wheel cleaner.
  • dry bodywork with a microfiber drying towel.
  • Clay vehicle to remove paint contamination, Industrial fallout.
  • Apply a suitable polish.
  • Apply a wax/sealant that is best for your vehicle.
  • Dress all trim.
  • Polish and seal wheels.
  • Seal windows.

From £100